Show report: HiFi Show 'Live' 2016 - Windsor

The third HiFi Show outing this year for Planalogue was an intimate affair at the luxurious Beaumont Estate in Windsor.

Having secured a smallish room for demonstration it was important to create a balanced sound considering its small area and through passage layout. The Prelude did indeed produce the goods with a wonderfully smooth and detailed sound. The chosen amplifier was a faithful Sonneteer Campion driving Harbeth P3 ESR Speakers mounted on tall stands. Graham Slee Products provided the Phono stages and a pair of hooked up Headphone Amps. Moving Magnet stage was the GSP Accession being fed from the GSP Elevator Moving Coil Stage. Headphone Amps were a pair of GSP Solo Ultra Linear. Tone Arm fitted was the Abis SA 1.2 in black. An impressive looking arm especially on the Prelude Turntable. The black finish of both products seemed to match very pleasingly to the eye as well as the clean, dynamic sound they created. A Hana SL Moving Coil Cartridge was at the sharp end digging out an impressively large amount of detail across all frequencies and all this with such low surface noise! The Prelude was simply letting the arm and cartridge combination sing at their best by doing what it was designed for, spinning the record at a smooth, stable speed with ultra low noise from the main bearing.

Overall, another success story for the new Prelude!