The Company


Formed in 2015...

Built on the foundation of many years experience in building hi-fi turntables for own use

Concepts, designs and materials testing all brought together through prototype models culminating in the all new Prelude turntable, Planalogue’s first high performance, superb looking, great value vinyl spinner.

Situated in the heart of Oxford, Planalogue is ideally placed to benefit from the services of some of this countries’ finest hi-tech companies. For example, all machined parts are produced by well established engineering firms who supply to Aerospace, Medical and Motor Sport industries. 

Design ideas born from first principals, material properties, and the ‘integration’ of all the final parts go to make prototype models which undergo real ‘live’ in house testing. Not only are the products sound evaluated naturally, but so is the function of the controls and their feel to the user considered. These details add to the overall feeling of a product having value. In fact it makes up part of the whole enjoyment of ownership.