The Designer


It all started when...

Born in Oxford, I am proud to launch a new company in my home town. My working career also started here. Initially the Automotive Industry allowed me to develop a keen interest in Engineering. Progressing into the world of Motor Sport, I was able to continue my passion for maximising the potential of components.

At about this time, say in my early 20’s, I started to buy popular and well trusted hi-fi kit. My first decent turntable was a Linn LP12. Soon after I began to notice things were not as great as people had me believe. Armboards would “banana”, suspension settings would drift out of range, cabling was a mystery and worst of all, the sound would vary at different times of the day! It all got me thinking. Not being content or accepting these variances my mind was set on making improvements where I could. And this spread to the whole system. The electrical supply. Cabling. The science of what the components sat on. The room acoustic environment. The condition of the vinyl itself. Perhaps these are topics we all talk about today and openly at that, but then, I would have been considered “a bit fussy”.

My enthusiasm for improvement has never waned but kept driving on, always looking to get the best out of what I had to play music on. In particular, I focused on ways to improve the sound of vinyl.

Peter Laitt | PLanalogue