Bristol HiFi Show 2017

Here are some photos from the Bristol 2017 Show, featuring our Prelude Turntable.
(click on any image to see a larger more detailed version)

Show report:

The three-day event held in Bristol is the UK’s largest and best attended HiFi show. This year was no different as literally hundreds and hundreds of people poured through the doors to see what was on offer this year.

It was a full-on effort from Planalogue this time as we had three Prelude’s in three rooms, and all with different specification systems playing.

In Room 304 Planalogue ran the Prelude with an Abis SA 1.2 tonearm in black with a Hana SL moving coil cartridge. This was the front end for the new Astin Trew 100W Integrated Amplifier feeding Pearl Acoustics Sibelius loudspeakers. Trichord supplied the Phono Stage with its dedicated power supply and finally Cove Audio connected all the system together with their new range of Tonearm, Interconnect and Loudspeaker Cables.

Neighbouring Room 304, Planalogue had another set-up in Room 306. This time the Prelude was sporting an Audio Origami PU7 12-inch tonearm in silver. This is accommodated on the Prelude by specifying a different Armplate and securing again using the five Armplate fixings, an easy task. The chosen cartridge was another Hana, this time the SH moving coil version, a high output model which can plug straight into any Moving Magnet phono stage. Astin Trew provided their current phono stage for this system. Pearl Acoustics Sibelius loudspeakers were again used and a mixture of Cove Audio/Chord cables tied everything together.

Room 318 featured Decent Audio using a Prelude in another format. An Origin Live Onyx with upgraded Tonearm external cable was fitted here. The Cartridge used was a Grado Statement Sonata. Audio Analogue provided the amplification while Scansonic provided the loudspeakers.

In all, three quite different flavours of sound were produced, and all were liked for their individual merits. As with the other shows Planalogue has exhibited at, many, many good and encouraging comments were forthcoming about the success and performance of the Prelude from both the public and the trade/press. I am sure the Prelude will be a turntable which will win many hearts (and ears!) in the future.