The Prelude turntable


The Prelude Turntable from PLanalogue is the first in a series of bespoke turntable models, created to redefine analogue reproduction.



I was also rather taken by a new name on the audio scene. Peter Laitt of UK company Planalogue can hold his head high, as his Prelude turntable (page 28) turned out to be something of a star. The deck incorporates little in the way of showy accessories or unnecessary bling. Instead, it concentrates on sound engineering practice wrapped up in a well finished package. The results were very impressive and I feel we shall be hearing more from Peter and his creations.
- HiFi News Yearbook 2017 | Adam Smith


Hi-resolution turntable incorporating control platform.

Stand alone motor in vibration damped pod.

Remote, dedicated clean power supply incorporating electronic 33.33rpm and 45rpm speed switching.

Special constrained layer plinth construction of acrylic and birch ply.

Plinth uses energy dispersing design to detract from adding sound colourations.


Highly specified stainless steel/brass main bearing assembly.

Large surface area bearing manufactured to very close tolerances.

Bearing end thrust located on precision ruby sapphire.

Ultra low viscosity main bearing oil for low noise.


High traction drive belt ensures reliable, stable and quiet operation.

Aluminium billet record clamp to control resonances at platter/record interface.

Armboard design incorporates a separate arm mount.

A wide range of tonearms can be fitted by specifying the appropriate arm mount.


W = 500mm
D = 350mm
H = 207mm

Weight = 12.5kg (approx)

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