Windsor 2017 Show

Here are some photos from the Windsor 2017 Show, featuring our Prelude Turntable.
(click on any image to see a larger more detailed version)

The system playing included:

Planalogue Prelude - Turntable
Black Rhodium Cables – all cabling products
Markaudio-SOTA – Viotti One and Cesti MB speakers
Origin Live – Illustrious Tone Arm
Van den Hul – The Frog – Gold. MC cartridge

Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary – Integrated Amplifier
EAR 834P – MC Phono Amplifier
ISOL-8 – Mains conditioning
Furniture – Out of the Woodwork, Bristol.  

Show report:

Planalogue had a wonderful time in Windsor recently demonstrating the Prelude Turntable at the HiFi Show ‘Live’ 2017. We shared the room with two very highly regarded brands supplying cabling and speaker products, namely Black Rhodium Cables and Markaudio-SOTA. Great care went into assembling a demo system with ‘synergy’. The hours of listening tests paid off resulting in a sound we could have listened to all weekend. In fact, we did listen to it all weekend without a hint of fatigue to our ears!

Our set up was more in the style of a sitting room rather than that of a stark, brightly lit show dem room. Custom made, high quality house furniture blended well with large, soft chairs and soft lighting to create a ‘cosy’ feel which was appreciated by all.       

It was the most impressive sound we have ever heard from the Prelude deck, period. And this is what we noticed about the visitors: tapping feet whilst listening in the room and a smile on their face when they left! The sound was fast, agile and highly detailed. Instruments and voices ‘hung’ in a spacious soundstage with plenty of ‘air’. Frequency extremes were handled with naturalness to bring scale and excitement to recordings of all genres.

So, a big thank you to all those companies who supported us in putting on a very special weekend.